The fragrance of tradition

Panificio Pulsano San Francesco by Rocco Schiavone


Lightness and crumbliness

Panificio Pulsano


We have been doing our business for years, with benefit and success, boasting of solid professionalism and great experience in the industry. We produce every day crumbliness bakery products, including breads, sandwiches, biscuits, pizza, stuffed pizza, croissants, calzoni, confectionery, many other specialties and delicacies. Thanks to the genuineness, the goodness and the absolute quality of our products, our bakery has conquered a wide clientele, becoming a well-known and famous reality and a really reference point in the production of bread and bakery products. Preparing and working breads, pizza and sweets with artisan flours represents for us a family passion that becomes work and is passed on. The care and the genuineness of all the products we take are the most clear signs of our passion and commitment.

Impasto cornetti Panificio San Francesco di Rocco Schiavone


Our machining process is based on the preservation of the principles of tradition. We are committed to being as faithful as possible to the past tradition, paying close attention and respecting the selection of ingredients and leavening times. We wish to always ensure quality and genuineness. Our laboratory is a focus of flavors, knowledge and creativity.
Pane Pulsano


From the early lights of dawn we dedicate ourselves to our passion, giving shape to the taste and flavor to the shapes. We carefully use selected and controlled ingredients, fully respecting all standards set by reference rules. Every product, whether it is bread or sweet, soft or crunchy, white or stuffed, insipid or tasty, traditional or wholemeal, biscuits or spices, is made to satisfy every palate and taste.