Panificio San Francesco by Rocco Schiavone

Panificio San Francesco di Rocco Schiavone Pulsano


The flavor of tradition blends with unique and authentic fragrances. All mixed in a simple dough that the great mastery craftsmanship of the Panificio San Francesco by Rocco Schiavone in Pulsano, the competent distribution of quantities and the high quality ingredients turn into bread and products of excellence. We have increasingly refined the working methods over the years, and developed our skills in bakery techniques, always guaranteeing high quality standards.



One of our main goals has always been to preserve a craftsmanship that represents the right compromise between the traditional methods of genuine homemade production and the technologically advanced tools. From this comes the products that are the exact creation of ancient but timeless flavors. Our story, therefore, is a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship, tradition, innovation and creativity.
Attrezzi da lavoro
Pane artigianale


For the production of our products we only use carefully selected 'raw materials', verified and certified. The continuous quality control, both during the production cycle and at the end of the production, allows us to guarantee high quality levels. We make many of our products only using sourdough starter, so without the addition of eggs, milk or derivatives. Thanks to this our customers can enjoy products with authentic, genuine flavor, lightness and absolute digestibility.