Baked products Pulsano

Prodotti da forno Pulsano

Daily delights

To satisfy the tastes, wishes and palates of a wide clientele, the Panificio San Francesco by Rocco Schiavone also offers a series of complementary and secondary baked products to traditional and classic salted baked products. We produce every day confectionery, biscuits, dry pastries and croissants at the inside laboratory.


Our productive capacity is able to guarantee daily, to our customers, fresh products, made according to old and traditional recipes. All this makes our confectionery production sector a model of excellence and a reference reality not only for breading. Come and try our products, we offer you the best!
Produzione artigianale


In addition to bread, pizza and biscuits, and all the salty products that whet the palates, offering unique flavor and fragrances, the Panificio San Francesco by Rocco Schiavone bakes dry products and pastries that are real delicacies suitable for being eaten at any time of the day as well as on special occasions or festivities.


Our dried bakery products are variegated and offer a wide assortment, including whole grain and cereals. We are also specialized in the production of handmade sweets, whose consumption is linked to the most traditional festivals. What better occasion than the feast day to enrich your table with quality handmade and excellent products?
Lavorazione pane